Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quick Review:Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

I used to be a massive fan of the Call of Duty franchise and Christ only knows how many hours of my life I wasted shouting at 10 year old punks that destroyed both my pride and self respect on a regular basis. That all changed last year with the release of MW3. It was a horrible ,horrible game that spat in my face and called me a fat bitch. But like most fat bitches I kept going back to my abusive partner with hope that he's change. The one day I had a moment of clarity and threw that motherfucker out ,swearing I'd never allow him back in my house...and I didn't...until...last weekend.

Steam were doing a free weekend on Black Ops 2, so I decided to jump on and see if I was justified in not following my old routine. Needless to say ,I'm glad I didn't waste a penny on this joke of a game. Between hackers, lag and lag comp, shit graphics and even worse game play , I found the game next to unplayable. I had problems getting games, regular disconnections and getting placed in lobbies where every ones ping was all over the place. Beyond that ,the community were the usual meathead ,fuckwad pubeless cunts out to destroy every one elses enjoyment.

                                                          I lost count of how many times I died

It really is beyond me why any one would play this game at all at this stage. There are far better games out there , that actually work. It feel like Activision know that the fan base are stuck in the abusive relationship and they can throw out any shit and the usual people will eat it up.Even though it tastes like shit and looks like shit , the fans will convince themselves that thing will improve. Meanwhile for every tear you shed and blood vessel you pop, the evil lords of Activison are sitting on their thrones of aborted babies, wanking in your tears and shitting on your dreams.They couldn't give a flying fuck about the fans let alone consumers. Send a message to them and stop playing this shit and stop supporting developers that are too keen to take your(parents / suger daddys) hard earned money. Until people stop buying games from the likes of these people, companies will continue to take advantage of gamers good will and only get more stuck in the belief that they can profit on any shit.

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