Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick Review: The First Power

Star Rating : ★★★★☆

Time for a bit of good old cheese from the 90's starring old nacho man himself, Lou Diamond Philliphs. I remember seeing this when it came out on video and thinking it was the best movie I had seen since Robo Jox.

The plot (if you can call it that) revolves around the Mayor from Sons of Anarchy running around killing people for his pal,Satan. Lou Diamond Nachoman or Hero Cop as he calls himself, decides enough is enough and captures the bad man. As this is the 90's ,Satan's friend gets the death penalty fairly quick.Unfortunately for Hero Cop ,this is not the end and Satan's buddy comes back as a spooky spirit with the ability to jump realllllly high and possess homeless people. Hero Cop enrols the help of a "Professional Psychic" and much hilarity ensues.

Reasons to See this Movie

Surprisingly good action set pieces.
Lou Diamond Philliphs gets stabbed a few times.
Satan will owe you one for watching his favourite movie of all time.
Lots of jumping.
Culturally insensitive to any one not a white American.
Unintentionally hilarious and makes little to no sense,unless you were the script writer or one of Satan's buddies.

Reasons  Not To See this Movie

It could be a massive scam by the devil to possess you through the TV.
Lou Diamond Philliphs doesn't get stabbed enough.
 You're deathly afraid of nuns talking through doors.
You don't like people jumping through windows instead of using doors.

Should I see This Movie? 

Yes....yes you should.It's a great bit of cheese from the 90's that takes its self very seriously but ends up being very very funny. The acting isn't too bad and some of the chase scenes are worth a watch.The plot is silly and the tacked on ending is one of the funniest things I've seen in years.

So if you're exhausted from beating your wife or the insects crawling under your skin are getting too familiar, grab a beer, sit down and watch a movie that will have absolutely little to no effect on your life and who knows,you might make friends with Satan.

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